▲5 dead after shooting spree in Louisiana (via CNN) 而另三名死者

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他曾在Facebook上分享了一句话:但愿我能让我的大脑苏醒,有几条信息也许透暴露他作案的缘故起因,这三名受害者与凶手没有支属相关, brother and sister were dead. 这家人家中两个年幼的孩子在枪杀案产生后跑到邻人家求救,名仕国际娱乐城,43岁的Billy Ernest, ▲5 dead after shooting spree in Louisiana (via CNN) 疑似怀疑犯的脸书账号上。


illegal use of weapons and home invasion,我不必要向别人证明什么,怀疑犯已经被指控两项一级行刺,以及犯科入室, ▲Louisiana shootings: Five killed and suspect at large (via BBC) 她还说Summer和Tanner是Billy三个孩子中的两个, I dont care what people say about me I know who I am and I dont have to prove anything to anyone. 他的另一条推文中说:我不在乎别人怎么说我。

他在家中只栖身了一小段时刻, were home at the time of the shooting but were not injured. Bordelon called 911 after the children told her that their father,50岁的Elizabeth Theriot和Keith Theriot在临死前向赶到现场的警方指认, The suspect has been charged with two counts of first degree murder, Webre told reporters. Webre汇报记者,制止26日, 怀疑人照片(Via AP) "This is probably one of the worst domestic violence incidents Ive seen in quite a while。

美国已经产生了多起致死致伤多人的枪击案,他们的邻人Charlenne Bordelon报结案,栖身在间隔冈萨雷斯镇(Gonzales)30英里的利文斯顿(Livingston)教区,犯科行使枪支。

致死人数高出1000人," said Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre. Ascension教区治安官Bobby Webre说:这也许是我最近遇到的最严峻的家庭暴力变乱之一, said the two youngest children in the Ernest family ran to her home early Saturday asking for help after the shooting. Bordelon said the two children, 尽量2019才刚开了头,并被这对佳偶遣散出家门,枪手杀戮至少5人后被捕,只要一天, , 按照英国BBC的报道。

21岁的Dakota Theriot, 个中的两名死者, 1月24日。

told the Associated Press news agency. 我的家人上周末在一个生日集会上熟悉他,全美本年以来已产生3600余起 涉枪变乱,怀疑犯偷了这家人的汽车并逃往邻州密西西比。


A Facebook page that appears to belong to Theriot shared a post in June saying wish i could clear my mind jus for one day (sic) with a sad face emoji. 客岁6月, 有媒体报道说怀疑犯和Summer Ernest此前是情侣相关, Another shared post says,美国佐治亚州波尔克县产生枪击变乱, Billy Ernests sister,美国佛罗里达州中部小镇塞柏林一家银行产生枪击变乱, "My family met him last weekend at a birthday party and didnt get good vibes from him,20岁的Summer Ernest,可在短短不到两个月的时刻里, 而按照美国枪支暴力档案网站(gunviolencearchive.org)统计,导致4人衰亡," Crystal DeYoung,造成3人衰亡、4人受伤。


此前, ▲5 dead after shooting spree in Louisiana (via CNN) 而另三名死者, The Ernests neighbor, Charlene Bordelon,Billy Ernest的姐妹Crystal DeYoung汇报美联社,凶手是他们的儿子, both under 8 years old, 这对佳偶在送医急救无效后衰亡, ▲Five slain in connected Livingston-Ascension shootings; suspect on loose (via the Advocate) 警方猜疑, ▲The Latest: Report says children fled from shooting scene (via AP) 今朝,而两名不到8岁的孩子并未受伤, 1月23日,以及17岁的Tanner Ernest, 1月4日,栖身在Ascension教区冈萨雷斯镇的一对佳偶,我知道我是谁。



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